Big Santa Anita Canyon
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The cabins along the trail are privately owned and are not available for rent under the terms of the Forest Service leases the owners have to follow.  However, Sturtevant's Camp rents cabins and  lodges to groups and individuals who are willing to hike the four miles in to the Camp.  Groups or individuals can rent the camp or a cabin most months of the year with the exception of June (deer flies).  
For information about rentals and for reservations call Bill Webster at 562 652-8952.  For those not willing to pack stuff in,  supplies and camping gear can be packed in for your group to Sturtevant's Camp, Hoegee's Trail Camp, or Spruce Grove Campground for a fee.
Contact the Pack Station for this service:
phone - 626 447-7356

Photo by Steve Burns

Waterfalls are a popular place to hike to, and there are several waterfalls in the San Gabriel Mountains.   For a more detailed and descriptive list of waterfalls check out San Gabriel Mountains: The Waterfalls.

There are over 30 miles of trails in Big Santa Anita Canyon.   Several maps and books cover their locations and destinations.   A portion of the annual Angeles Crest 100 Mile Run goes throught the canyon.  Hiking in Angeles National Forest is a web site that catalogs and displays a great amount of data on these trails and camps. 

Be aware that rattlesnakes share the canyon with us.  Respect them.   Incidents of  Lyme Disease have been reported in the canyon.   Protect yourself by inspecting for ticks after hiking and by wearing protective clothing.  Poison Oak is another nuisance to be aware of as well.